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All of our industrial furnaces are designed and built to be extremely hard-wearing, safe, and easy to service. Our industrial furnaces are available in various sizes. Our furnaces are made using the latest technology. They not only provide enduring performance but can prevent heat loss, helping you save a great deal of energy. Our products are not only cost-effective but are made in compliance with the client's required specifications.


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Team Work
Team Work

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Company History

New Manufacturing

Founding Year

S.R. Thermal Solution was founded in 2011 by Mr. Rambhau Tarase, a visionary entrepreneur with a passion for advancing heat treatment furnace technology. Recognizing the critical role of heat treatment in various industries, the company set out on a mission to provide top-notch service, maintenance, preventative maintenance (PM), and Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) for heat treatment furnaces.



Expansion Into Manufacturing

In 2017, S.R. Thermal Solution started a transformative journey by inaugurating a manufacturing plant dedicated to producing spare parts, casting fans, heaters, and radiant tubes for heat treatment furnaces. This strategic move marked a significant milestone in the company's evolution and enhance its service offerings.


New Manufacturing

Diversification into Nitriding Job Work:

In the years 2020 to 2022, S.R. Thermal Solution expand its manufacturing capabilities further by introducing Nitriding job work processes in pit furnaces. This bold move represented a diversification for the company and offer specialized services to the clients requiring Nitriding processes.



Expanding Footprint with Sister Furnace Company: Nitride Technology

In parallel with its expansion into horizontal Nitriding job work, S.R. Thermal Solution took a strategic step forward by establishing a new sister company, Nitride Technology. This dedicated entity focused exclusively on providing Nitriding services, expertise and experience in heat treatment to offer specialized solutions started to the Nitriding process.

Mr. Rambhau Tarase


Mr. Rambhau Tarase is a CEO of S.R. Thermal Solution, He is technical person for Heat treatment Furnace Industries. He have more than 19 year experience in Heat Treatment Furnace Industries. Expertise: Manufacturing of Gas Nitriding Furnace. our experts perform various processes such as Heat Treatment all Process, Service & Maintenace etc.

Why Choose Us?

S R Thermal Solution, Focus on Designing and Manufacturing Gas Nitriding Furnace & Equipment's

What Can We Help You?

By working with us, you can save on tooling costs for standard parts. With almost 5 years of accumulation, SRTS has developed more than 50 tooling, our products can fit almost all the world-wide famous furnaces.

By working with us, you will benefit from our talented R&D team.

SRTS reinvests on the innovation every year, our R&D team has been dedicated to improving our products through the following aspects:

Minimize fixture's weight

Maximize Product Part Weight

No Maintenace

High Quality